Patrick Shendo Healing Session 60-Minute One on One Soul Ceremony

Patrick Shendo Healing Session

Patrick Shendo is a Native American musician, composer, and artist who draws his music from his cultural experiences. Patrick comes from Jemez and Taos Pueblos and has been playing indigenous instruments for over 20 years. The Native flute, drum, Australian didgeridoo, and percussion instruments set the stage for the sacred four elements - four elements within every person - to create and hold the spiritual space of meditation bringing balance to the chakras and healing to the soul.

60-minute One on One Soul Ceremony $150
Tarot Reading Full Year Mapping


Get your personal blueprint of this year with an Astrology or StarCard Tarot reading. Our expert, Julie Kelly has over 55 years’ experience.
Julie has been our in house Astrologer since our inception and is always an enthusiastic favorite of all who consult her. Pull up a chair and enjoy a glass of wine…

Tarot mapping of the full year for the same price as a 6 month forecast
Allow for 90 minutes                                            Soul’s Blueprint  $195
Allow for 45minutes                                               Tarot reading    $90
Reheat and Rebuild Hot Towel Infusion


Hot Towel Infusion Treatment: This is the ultimate relaxing and detoxifying experience. Steaming hot towels and deeply penetrating therapeutic hot packs are combined with specialized essential oils to fire up the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Tension bound deep within the muscles is released.            

90 minutes, $200
Book the Hot Towel and Receive a Free Enhancement ($27 Value)                                                                                                                    

The Living Spa Spa Specials

90-Minute Facial

The Natural Face Lift: This regenerating treatment uses Plant Stem Cell Booster Serum to slow cellular aging and plump and firm the skin. This natural face lift treatment includes an ultra-hydrating hyaluronic cream to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. For maximum results, this facial incorporates ultrasonic and microcurrent technology that increases product penetration and stimulates collagen renewal. 

90 minutes, $200 (+ tax and service charge)
Book Any 90-Minute Facial and Receive One Complimentary Facial Enhancement ($25 Value)