Harwood Museum of Art Antique Spanish Colonial Art Display


El Monte Sagrado Living Resort and Spa is a true discovery; a spot of enchantment in an area already known for its life-altering beauty. While visiting our Taos hotel, you will benefit from the expertise of experienced hospitality professionals as they guide you through the many opportunities to connect to Taos and Northern New Mexico. We can help you customize your engagement with all Taos attractions: area maps, local guides with our partner Heritage Inspirations, art sourcebooks and more; it is It our pleasure to help you find and enjoy things to do in beautiful, engaging Taos, NM.
Rio Grande Gorge Bridge Experience the High Road To Taos

Visiting Taos

Surrounded by nature offering athletic challenges and spiritual connection, Taos is recognized for a creativity that calls to artists from around the globe, and from ancient and contemporary cultures. Your stay at our resort is sure to exceed your expectations, and Taos will captivate you. Whether you are visiting Taos by yourself or with family or with friends; whether you are here to relax and recharge or energize and challenge, you'll find each season in Taos offering its own delights and entertainment.
Taos Powwow Cultural Ceremonies


Every season brings new festivals, celebrations, concerts, lectures and museum exhibitions to Taos meaning there's something exciting going on all year. From Pueblo ceremonies to film festivals, visitors will find a variety of things to do in Taos.

Discover the events that will be taking place during your stay:
Taos Pueblo UNESCO World Heritage Site


We cannot imagine coming to the Southwest and not visiting Taos Pueblo's 1,000-year-old multi-storied adobe buildings! Be sure to visit their website and/or call the Pueblo for updates on celebrations and closures. Learn more about this UNESCO World Heritage Site at TaosPueblo.com.
Our partner Heritage Inspirations offers custom private tours of Taos Pueblo. Learn more on our New Mexico Adventures page here.
Historic and picturesque Downtown Taos


Only a short distance from El Monte Sagrado Living Resort and Spa is the very heart of Taos — our famed Plaza. For more than 300 years, soldiers, socialites, traders, artisans, and intellectuals have strolled these ancient streets and corridors, in search of treasure. Taos Plaza boasts local jewelry and art created with respect to the old ways, by generations of craftspeople. The savvy who have settled here represent works from some of the most coveted artists in the world.

Learn more about shopping Taos Plaza, Bent Street and other walkable Taos attractions on our Taos Shopping page.
Rafting in Taos Rio Grande River

New Mexico Outdoor Adventures

Experience New Mexico's wild side!  We can make sure you cover the many things to see and do throughout Northern New Mexico's beautiful outdoors including fishing, hiking, rafting and river running, hot air ballooning, horseback riding, Jeep tours, narrow gauge railroad riding, rock climbing, and skiing.

Discover top destinations and outfitters for these adventures and more on our Taos Outdoor Activities page.
Heritage Inspirations Photograph by Amanda Powell

Heritage Inspirations Tours

Heritage Inspirations offers half and full-day excursions, multi-day adventures and custom-crafted itineraries. With more than twenty tours across Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Taos, whether you’re looking for an active outdoor expedition, a specially curated walking tour or a roving glamping adventure, they’re bound to have a unique and dynamic option that aligns with your travel plans. Learn more about the different types of tours Heritage Inspirations offers!

See a complete list of Heritage Inspirations' Taos Tours here.
Mabel Dodge Luhan House A Legacy of Inspired Architecture


The Mabel Dodge Luhan House, the Harwood Museum of Art, the Kit Carson Home & Museum - these are just some of the fascinating destinations to explore fine and modern art, to dive into history and to understand Taos and the people who've shaped its artistic and cultural landscapes.

See more great historical sites and museums on our Taos Museums page.
San Francisco de Asis Iconic, All Adobe Church


San Francisco de Asis Church has become an icon of Northern New Mexico, in no small part to Georgia O'Keeffe's painting of the back of the church, much like Monet's studies of the door of Chartres Cathedral. Besides the two primitive altar pieces, referred to as Bultos, this church is a testament to engineering with mud and timber before the advent of modern construction techniques such as levels and surveying. A mystery painting in the Parish Hall is also worth viewing. We don't want to spoil the mystery by telling you any more about it. Learn more at Taos.org.

Santuario de Chimayo Along the High Road to Taos


Chimayo, a traditional weaving village with galleries featuring work by award-winning weavers, is where you'll find the 19th-century Santuario de Chimayo, known as the "Lourdes of the Southwest" because it attracts thousands of pilgrims seeking the "miraculous dirt" on church property, which is rumored to have healing powers.
Legendary northern New Mexico destinations The scenic byway to Cordova, Truchas and Ojo Sarco
Cordova, Truchas and Ojo Sarco, are towns with great galleries selling woodcarvings, pottery, rugs, and other local arts and crafts. In Las Trampas, an 18th-century mission church is one of New Mexico's best-preserved examples of Spanish Colonial architecture. Pick up NM 518 at Peñasco and wind your way through the Carson National Forest to US 68 at Ranchos de Taos, where you'll see the famous San Francisco de Assisi Church, photographed and painted by many artists. From there drive back into Taos and the historic Taos Pueblo.