Global Hot Tub Suites

Experience the utmost luxury at El Monte Sagrado with our Global Hot Tub Suites. Each of these rooms represents the distinctive style of a different region of the world through original art, design and architecture. This is the perfect solution for two couples sharing a larger space.

Each of our Global Hot Tub Suites feature:
  • Luxurious 3-room suites totaling 1100 sq. ft. including 2 bedrooms, 1 living room and 2 full bathrooms
  • Private exterior courtyard
  • Hot tub
  • Spacious living and dining area
  • Gas fireplace
  • Wet bar
  • Flat screen TVs
See below for specific details about each of these luxurious jacuzzi suites in Taos.


Argentina Global Suite

This casita brings the untamable endurance of the gaucho, the Argentinean cowboy from the Pampas, with metropolitan spirit. Leather furniture blends with iron and copper pieces resembling the typical rural estancia (farmhouse). For the tango lover an antique phonograph brings the sensual music of Buenos Aires to the room.

The walls of the main living room have been hand-painted with soft earth tones to enhance the rich warmth of the tooled boot- leather furnishings and, as if to push the idea, the designer was inspired to use rusted nails and burl wood accents on the large wall cabinet. The sense of the whimsical can be seen everywhere. From the wagon wheel table to the steer head adorned in turquoise chips over the fireplace, the environment is one of the casual Pampas, right down to the gas – burning pueblo-style fireplace that bears a custom-crafted copper and bronze band with wonderfully  colored mineral stone inlays by local artist Thom Wheeler. The residence also comes with a mini-refrigerator, wet bar, outdoor hot tub, in room safe and private courtyard.

Marrakech Bedroom Colorful Details

Marrakech Global Suite

The enchanting architectural Characteristic of this sophisticated garden casita bring together the impressive ambience and vibrancy of Marrakech, the renowned center for the appreciation of Moroccan art and design. The back wall of the main 14’ X 22’ bedroom has been finished in hand carved teak and perfectly offsets the soft colors used to paint the remaining three walls. The second bedroom has been treated to a hand painted finish that resembles softly filtered sunlight and showcases the floor to ceiling glided floral stenciling. An antique fireplace enclosure, another of the designer’s signature uses of the unexpected, has been custom crafted into an elegant headboard. The main living area abounds in traditional motifs enhanced by a soaring pueblo-style fireplace embellished with hundreds of iridescent mosaic tiles and a flowing design that lends itself perfectly to the setting sun. From the Velvet and satin sofa to the bone inlaid vase and hand blown glass chandelier, no detail has been overlooked. The two bathrooms of the casita are equally beautiful and have been finished with ornately carved antique rich, deep gold colors and colored glass encrusted vanity. This casita also comes with a mini- refrigerator, wet bar, gas burning pueblo-style fireplace, in room safe, stand up shower and tub combination, outdoor hot tub and private courtyard.

Mexico Suite Bedroom Rich Textiles

Mexico Global Suite

Capture the spirit and culture of our neighbors to the south in this exquisitely designed and decorated casita that captures the vibrancy and drama of Mexico. The two spacious 14’ X 22’ bedrooms in this original suite offer ornately carved wooden king size beds and matching furniture, a central living room with a mini-refrigerator and wet bar discreetly hidden behind the custom wall cabinet, and in the corner, a pueblo-style gas fireplace. The residence also comes with a wet bar, outdoor hot tub, in the room safe and private courtyard.

MOROCCO LIVING ROOM Global Design Influences

Morocco Global Suite

Entering the main living space, one is immediately struck by the bright colors and lively designs of morocco. The walls and ceiling panels of the first 14’ X 22’ master bedroom have been worked so that the custom made stencil designs appear and disappear with the shifting light of the sun. The effect is designed to evoke the feeling of being inside a Moroccan tent where the woven patterns entirely surround the viewer. The adjoining bathroom has color washed walls to replicate the aged and diluted effect so often seen in Morocco. The shower enclosure was built from an antique gate and each carved panel is different Moroccan design hand painted and then glazed. The custom made vanity is covered with interlocking Moroccan motifs, which have been stenciled and then hand painted. The second bathroom’s walls were also stenciled in a traditional Moroccan manner with a tiled look that complements the soft, sun faded finish of the walls. The bathroom next doors is tiled in intricate Moroccan tiles and the vanity table was hand painted in complicated patters to accentuate the tiles used to decorate the shower enclosure. The residence also comes with a mini-refrigerator, wet bar, outdoor hot tub, in room safe and private courtyard.