• 1100 sq. ft. including 2 bedrooms, living room, and 2 full bathrooms
  • Private exterior courtyard
  • Spacious living and dining area
  • Gas fireplace
  • Wet bar and mini refrigerator
  • Flat screen TVs


The first thing that you notice upon entering the space is the feeling of quiet serenity through the simplicity of design. The first bedroom has been uniquely treated to resemble a delicate Japanese shoji screen and is complemented by the adjoining bathroom’s stone finish. The second bedroom's walls were designed to give a feeling of bamboo achieved by using hand cut brushes. The bedroom next door was treated to a Japanese style watercolor mural of gentle sparrows gathering and gossiping in a stately pine tree.


The mystifying and intense pulse of Flamenco and Goya’s inspired imagery merge with the traditional colonial ambiance in this lavish suite dedicated to Spain. Embroidered fabrics, wood carvings, beams, conch shell motifs, handmade rugs, and hand decorated walls bring out the spirit of the region. The first bedroom is regal and furnished with an elegant custom made, iron and wood king size bed, matching fixtures, and a stained wooden ceiling with heavy log beams. The second bedroom is lighter; a breezy light blue fills the room, with an ornately carved pine bed and matching nightstands and fixtures.


This suite has been designed to convey the Western United States and Texas. The walls have been carefully textured to resemble worn leather and match the unique tooled and stitched, fringed leather chairs. The master bedroom’s walls reflect raw hand hewn stone on a grand scale. The walls of the second bedroom pay homage to the cowboy culture.